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NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines 2015
Eden Park Auckland Jan 31 & Feb 1
Game Details
31/1 Game       1   Rabbitohs v Penrith 11 - 4
31/1 Game       2   Rabbitohs v Cowboys 19 - 12
31/1 Game       3   Rabbitohs v Storm 24 - 4
1/2 Qtr  Final       Rabbitohs v Knights 30 - 6
1/2 Semi Final     Rabbitohs v Eels 37 - 6
1/2 Grand Final   Rabbitohs v Sharks 18 - 14

Annual Charity Shield
Rabbitohs 12 v St Geo-Illawarra 12
Sat 7th Feb 2015
Match Repoty
2015 Charity Shield Re-Play

Return to Redfern
Rabbitohs 20 v Northern Pride 20
Sat 14th Feb 2015
Match Report
World Cup Challenge
Rabbitohs 39 v St Helens 0
Mon 23rd Feb 2015 (Local)
Match Report
2015 NRL
Telstra Premiership

Thu 5th March
Broncos 6 v Souths 36
Match Report
Round 2 - Sun 15 March
Souths 34 v Roosters 26
Match Report
Round 3 - Sun 22 March
Souths 20 - Tigers 6
4:00pm ANZ Stadium
Round 4 -
Eels 29 v Souths 16
Match Report
Round 5 - Fri 3 April
Souths v Bulldogs
4:00pm ANZ Stadium

Round 6 - Mon 13 April
Souths v Cowboys
7:00pm ANZ Stadium

Round 7 - Mon 20 April
Sharks v Souths
7:00pm Remondis Stadium
Round 8 - Sun 26 April
Souths v Raiders
4:00pm Barlow Park
Round 9 - Mon 11 May
Souths v Dragons
7:00pm ANZ Stadium
Round 10 - Sat 16 May
Storm v Souths
7:30pm AAMI Park
Round 11 - Fri 22 May
Souths v Eels
7:45pm ANZ Stadium
Round 12 - Sat 30 May
Titans v Souths
3:00pm CBus Stadium
Round 13 - Sat 6 June
Souths v Warriors
3:30pm NIB Stadium Perth
Round 14 - Fri 12 June
Tigers v Souths
7:45pm ANZ Stadium (Away)
Round 15 -
BYE v Souths
Round 16 - Fri- 26 June
Souths v Manly
7:35pm ANZ Stadium
Round 17 - Fri 3 July
Penrith v Souths
7:45pm Sportingbet Stadium
Round 18 -
Souths v BYE
Round 19 - Sat 18 July
Dragons v Souths
7:30pm SCG
Round 20 - Sat 25 July
Souths v Knights
5:30pm ANZ Stadium
Round 21 - Aug
Souths V Penrith
ANZ Stadium
Round 22 - Aug
Manly v Souths
Brookvale Oval
Round 23 - Aug
Cowboys v Souths
1300SMILES Stadium
Round 24 - Aug
Souths v Bulldogs
ANZ Stadium
Round 25 - Aug
Souths v Broncos
Round 26 - Sep
Roosters v Souths
Allianz Stadium

First Week Final - Sep
? v ?

Preliminary Final - Sep
? v ?

Grand Final - Oct
? v ?
ANZ Stadium -

All match reports courtesy

City 26 v Country 26 - Sun 4th May
3.00pm Apex Oval Dubbo

2015 State of Origin
Game 1 - 28th May 2015
8.00pm ANZ Stadium
NSW V Q'ld
Game 2 - 17th Jun 2015
8.00pm MCG
Game 3 - 8th Jul 2015
8.00pm Suncorp Stadium
    2015 NSW Cup Draw-Results
  2015 Ron Massey Cup Draw
  2015 Jnr Reps SG Ball Draw
    2015 Jnr Reps Matthews Draw

Dick Smith Nines Pools draw
  Rangitoto:     Eels, Sea Eagles, Knights, Dragons
  Waiheke:   Storm, Cowboys, Panthers, Rabbitohs
  Piha:             Roosters, Broncos, Bulldogs, Sharks
  Hunau Ranges:   Tigers, Warriors, Raiders, Titans

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2015 NRL Draw
2015 NYC Draw
2015 NSW Cup Draw
2015 Ron Massey Cup
2015 S.G.Ball Cup
2015 Harold Matthews
2015 Charity Shield

Russell by Pinky
2015 Round 5
Bulldogs v Rabbitohs
Fri 3rd April
ANZ Stadium


Becoming a father has helped Greg Inglis become a better player and role model
By: Phil Rothfield - March 29, 2015 - Photo:
HERE is the photo of the little boy who has helped turn Greg Inglis into an even greater rugby league player and role model.
Most people credit the South Sydney captaincy for his spectacular start to the season.
Greg Inglis with his son Nate.
The truth is itís all about the little guy sitting on his left leg.
Inglis has inspired the Rabbitohs to grand final glory, played 24 Origins and 33 Tests for Australia, but he is very clear on his greatest achievement ... his little son Nate.

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Greg Inglis can lead Rabbitohs to back-to-back premierships
By: Matthew Johns - March 27, 2015 -
IF Greg Inglis stays fit and on the field, Souths will go back-to-back.
He is the most destructive attacking player of all time and has gone to another level this season.
Inglis is clearly the most influential player in the game, with daylight second.
The captaincy has clearly been a factor. Before last weekend's victory over the Tigers, our television screens showed a fired-up Inglis in the middle of the Souths huddle revving his men up. I've never seen this from Greg before, he's been the type to lead with actions rather than words. Now he's doing both.
And what about those actions! In the World Club Challenge against St Helens, he absolutely destroyed the English champs, showing his full range of tricks, everything from blunt force power to subtle sleight of hand.

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South Sydney doctor under no pressure to clear Adam Reynolds for return, says Michael Maguire
By: Brad Walter - March 20, 2015 - Picture: Renee McKay
South Sydney coach Michael Maguire insists all of the correct concussion protocols were followed before club doctor Andrew McDonald cleared halfback Adam Reynolds to return in last Sunday's 34-26 defeat of Sydney Roosters.
Souths have been asked to supply the NRL with details of what other methods besides a SCAT 3 cognitive test were used to allow Reynolds back on the field after a concussion assessment midway through the first half.
The SCAT 3 test is just one tool used to asses whether a player has a concussion and should not be the sole factor in determining whether he can return to the field, the NRL has confirmed.

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South Sydney Rabbitohs comeback win over Roosters shows they don't know how to lose
By: Phil Gould - March 16, 2015 - Getty Images
South Sydney Rabbitohs: the team that has forgotten how to lose. It doesn't happen too often during your career. For many teams it never happens at all. But when you get to a point in your mind where you never consider defeat as an option, where no challenge is too great, where no setback deters your self-belief, well, it's a beautiful place to be.
The Rabbitohs as a team are in that mood right now.
Sunday's battle between the Rabbitohs and the Roosters was an absolutely classic encounter. Right from the outset we

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John Sutton reveals how Arizona arrest helped him fall in love with rugby league again
By: Andrew Webster - March 13, 2015 - Photo: Getty Images
Nobody at Souths will say it publicly, but some were thinking it.
In early October, John Sutton stood on the stage in the middle of ANZ Stadium, and rattled off an emotional speech as the premiership-winning captain of South Sydney.
Come November, he was still coming down off the high. He shuffled into the airport for the side's trip to Arizona unready, unfit, unenthused.
Some wondered if their captain really wanted to keep playing at all.

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The Rabbitohs have stood down Cody Walker despite the recruit being cleared to play by the NRL after he plead not-guilty to stalking charges
By: Chris Garry - March 10, 2015 - Picture:
SOUTH Sydney have stood down playmaker Cody Walker despite the Rabbitohs recruit being cleared to play by the NRL after he plead not-guilty to stalking charges.
The Rabbitohs were caught in a wave of negative publicity last year after it emerged they won the premiership with Kirisome Auvaía at centre, a player who plead guilty to domestic violence charges in May that year.
Now Walker has been stood down even though he plead not-guilty in court and will continue to fight accusations levelled against him at his next court date in two weeks.

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South Sydney Rabbitohs scouting for options as Kyle Turnerís season looks to be over
By: JAMES HOOPER - MARCH 08, 2015 -
THE immediate playing future of South Sydney young gun Kyle Turner remains uncertain with the Rabbitohs edge backrower diagnosed with a bulging disc in his neck.
The Sunday Telegraph was told Turner required fusion surgery and was expected to be ruled out for the remainder of the season, with South Sydney beginning the search for a replacement backrower.

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Kirisome Auva'a to appeal indefinite suspension following domestic violence penalty
By: Adrian Proszenko - March 7, 2015 - Picture: Getty Images
Kirisome Auva'a has sought leave to appeal the severity of his suspension for domestic violence after being stood down until round 22 this year.
Auva'a, who is off contract at the end of the season, was suspended indefinitely after a Melbourne magistrate imposed a $3000 fine and a two-year good-behaviour bond on the Rabbitohs centre for attacking his former girlfriend in a jealous rage. The NRL has told Auva'a he will need to complete a range of courses and programs covering issues including violence against women, alcohol abuse and anger management.

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Congratulations Rabbitohs - 2014 Premiers title #21
Rabbitohs 30 - Bulldogs 6 - looking for #22 in 2015

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GI can lead Rabbits to 2nd premierships
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Dr no pressure to clear Reynolds for return
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John Sutton reveals how Arizona helped him
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Rabbitohs have stood down Cody Walker
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Turnerís season looks to be over
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Kirisome Auva'a to appeal suspension
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South Sydney Rabbitohs romp to record win
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South Sydney Rabbitohs thrash St Helens
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Maguire: 'We have got to be a better club'
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Rabbitohs to face battle ready St Helens
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Souths happy to flight from Arizona drama
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Madge, has moved on from Sutton saga
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Kyle Turner's injury not as serious as feared
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Grevsmuhl eyes four trophies in four weeks
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Sam Burgess still flying the flag for Souths
SMH 16-02-15

Walker insists premiership won't distract us
SMH 16-02-15

South Kyle Turner out indefinitely injury
Telegraph 16-02-15

Chris Grevsmuhl a name you won't forget
Telegraph 15-02-15

Sutton sin-binned in eventful Souths trial
SMH 15-02-15

Glenn Stewart to play first game in 293 days
Telegraph 14-02-15

Big task ahead for Rabbitohs at St Helens
Telegraph 13-02-15

Tim Grant relishing opportunity at Souths
SMH 13-02-15

Eyes on Sutton in return to captaincy for trial
SMH 13-02-15

South Sydney pre-season camp in the US
SMH 08-02-15

Rabbitohs retain the Charity Shield
SMH 08-02-15

Questions ahead of the Charity Shield
Telegraph 06-02-15

Son Craig, Liam Coleman set for NRL
Telegraph 06-02-15

Alex Johnston shadows GI at fullback
SMH 05-02-15

Sutton staying at South Sydney Rabbitohs
SMH 03-02-15

GI ready for the pressure of captaincy
SMH 03-02-15

9s Champs,Teammates do it for Issac Luke
SMH 01-02-15

Souths re-sign Adam Reynolds & Luke Keary
SMH 27-01-15

GI could pack down in forwards in all stars
SMH 25-01-15

Rugby throws millions at Greg Inglis
Telegraph 21-01-15

Shane Richo Stand-alone State of Origin
SMH 21-01-15

Shane Richardson to stand down as CEO
SMH 21-01-15

GI replaces Sutton as Rabbitohs skipper
SMH 20-01-15

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2014 Sam Burgess Rabbitohs
2013 Daly Cherry-Evans Manly #
2012 Cooper Kronk Storm
2011 Glenn Stewart Manly
2010 Darius Boyd Dragons
2009 Billy Slater Storm   *
2008 Brent Kite Manly
2007 Greg Inglis Storm   *
2006 Shaun Berrigan Broncos
2005 Scott Prince Tigers
2004 Willie Mason Bulldogs
2003 Luke Priddis Penrith
2002 Craig Fitzgibbon Rooster
2001 Andrew Johns Knight
2000 Darrin Lockyer Bronco
1999 Brett Kimmorley Storm
1998 Gordon Tallis Bronco
1997 Robbie O'Davis Knight
1996 Geoff Toovey Manly
1995 Jim Dymock Bulldogs
1994 David Furner Canberra
1993 Brad Mackay Dragon
1992 Allan Langer Bronco
1991 Brad Clyde Canberra
1990 Ricky Stuart Canberra
1989 Brad Clyde Canberra
1988 Paul Dunn Bulldogs
1987 Cliff Lyonns Manly
1986 Peter Sterling Parramatta
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