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* ROUND 1 * 12-14 March TV
Day & Time
Broncos vs Warriors 28/20 Sun 3.00pm Suncorp Stadium Ch9 4pm
Bulldogs vs Eels 48/14 Sat 7.30pm Telstra Stadium Dbl Hdr Fox Live
Cowboys vs Sea Eagles 20/24 Sat .pm Dairy Farmers Fox 9.30pm
Dragons vs Raiders 12/21 Sun 2.30pm OKI Jubilee Stadium Fox Live
Panthers vs Knights 14/20 Fri 7.30pm Penrith Stadium Ch9 Live
Roosters vs Rabbits 26/16 Sun 6.00pm Aussie Stadium (A) Fox Live
West Tigers vs Sharks 12/ 6 Sat 5.30pm Telstra Stadium Dbl Hdr Fox Live
Storm vs Bye        
* ROUND 2 * 19-21 March TV
Broncos vs Eelss 18/26 Sun 3.00pm Suncorp Stadium Ch9 4pm
Bulldogs vs Sharks 24/20 7.30pm Sydney Showground .
Sea Eagles vs Roosters 20/42 7.30pm Brookvale Oval .
Rabbitohs vs West Tigers 17/16 Sun 3.00pm Aussie Stadium (H) Fox Live
Raiders vs Panthers 18/34 Fri 7.30pm Canberra Stadium Ch9 Live
Storm vs Knights 26/36 Sun 2.30pm Olympic Park Fox Live
Warriors vs Dragons 10/16 7.30pm Ericsson Stadium Fox 5.30pmSyd
Cowboys vs Bye        
* ROUND 3 * 26-28 March TV
Cowboys vs Raiders 18/19 Sat 8.30pm Dairy Farmers Fox 9.30pmSyd
Eels vs Knights 38/34 Sat 7.30pm Parramatta Stadium  
Roosters vs Bulldogs 35/ 0 Fri 7.30pm Aussie Stadium Ch9
Sharks vs Sea Eagles 28/20 Sat 5.30pm Toyota Park Fox Live
Storm vs Dragons 34/ 6 Sun 3.00pm Olympic Park. Fox
West Tigers vs Broncos 24/32 Sun 2.30pm Campbelltown Stadium Fox Live
Warriors vs Panthers 22/42 Sun 4.00pm Ericsson Stadium Ch9 2pm Syd
Rabbitohs vs Bye        
* ROUND 4 * 2-4 April TV
Broncos vs Storm 34/26 Sun 2.30pm Suncorp Stadium .
Cowboys vs West Tigers 8 /18 Sat 7.30pm Dairy Farmers Stadium Fox 8.30pmSyd
Dragons vs Knights 48/ 2 Sun 3.00pm WIN Stadium Ch9
Sea Eagles vs Warriors 10/28 Sun 3.00pm Brookvale Oval .
Panthers vs Roosters 22/ 6 Fri 7.30pm Penrith Stadium Ch9
Rabbitohs vs Sharks 36/12 Sat 7.30pm Aussie Stadium (H) Fox
Raiders vs Eels 26/12 Sat 5.30pm Canberra Stadium Fox
Bulldogs vs Bye        
* ROUND 5 * 9-12 April TV
Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles 28/26 Sun 4.30pm Telstra Stadium Dble Hdr Fox
Eels vs Rabbitohs 41/20 Mon 3.00pm Parramatta Stadium Fox
Panthers vs Storm 30/26 Sun 3.00pm Penrith Stadium Ch9
Roosters vs Broncos 14/26 Fri 7.30pm Aussie Stadium Ch9
Sharks vs Cowboys 10/36 Sat 7.30pm Toyota Park Fox
West Tigers vs Dragons 10/39 Sun 2.30pm Telstra Stadium Dbl Hdr Fox
Warriors vs Knights 20/34 Sat 7.30pm Ericsson Stadium 5.30pmSyd
Raiders vs Bye        
* ROUND 6 * 16-18 April TV
Bulldogs vs Warriors 24/18 Fri 6.30pm Westpac Stadium Well'ton  
Cowboys vs Broncos 12/19 Sat 7.30pm Dairy Farmers Stadium  
Dragons vs Panthers 44/18 Sun 2.30pm WIN Stadium  
Sea Eagles vs Eels 26/32 Sun 3.00pm Brookvale Oval
Knights vs Roosters 22/32 Sun 3.00pm Energy Aust Stadium  
Sharks vs Raiders 38/24 Sat 5.30pm Toyota Stadium .
Storm vs Rabbitohs 50/ 4 Sat 7.30pm Olympic Park Melbourne  
.West Tigers vs Bye        
* ROUND 7 * 24-25 April TV
Australia vs New Zealand 37/10 Fri 7.30pm Newcastle Ch9 Delay
Broncos vs Panthers 32/14 Sun 2.30pm Suncorp Stadium Fox
Dragons vs Roosters 8 /11 Sun 3.00pm Aussie Stadium Ch9
Eels vs Sharks 14/18 Sat 5.30pm Parramatta Stadium Fox Live
Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs 8 /34 Mon 7.30pm Aussie Stadium .
Raiders vs Knights 19/18 Sat 7.30pm Canberra Stadium Fox Live
Storm vs Cowboys 28/ 6 Sat 7.30pm Olympic Park Fox Delay
West Tigers vs Sea Eagles 30/22 Sun 3.00pm Leichhardt Oval  
Warriors vs Bye        
* ROUND 8 * 30th Apr, 1-2 May TV
Bulldogs vs Broncos 25/18 Sun 3.00pm Telstra Stadium  
Eels vs Cowboys 20/24 Sat 7.30pm Parramatta Stadium  
Knights vs Rabbitohs 24/ 8 Sat 5.30pm Energy Stadium  
Panthers vs West Tigers 22/20 Fri 7.30pm Penrith Stadium  
Roosters vs Raiders 28/ 8 Sun 2.30pm Aussie Stadium  
Sharks vs Dragons 12/42 Sat 7.30pm Toyota Park  
Warriors vs Storm 20/14 Sun 2.00pm Ericsson Stadium  
Sea Eagles vs Bye        
* ROUND 9 * 8-9 May TV
Citys vs Country 18/22 Fri 7.30pm Express Advocate Stadium Ch9 Delay
Cowboys vs Warriors 16/ 8 Sat 7.30pm Dairy Farmers .
Sea Eagles vs Dragons 21/10 Sun 3.00pm Brookvale Oval .
Knights vs Bulldogs 32/ 6 Sun 3.00pm EnergyAustralia Stadium .
Panthers vs Rabitohs 38/ 4 Sun 2.30pm Penrith Stadium .
Raiders vs Broncos 34/20 Sun 3.00pm Canberra Stadium .
Roosters vs West Tigers 22/ 0 Sat 5.30pm Aussie Stadium .
Storm vs Sharks 26/36 Sat 7.30pm Olympic Park .
Eels vs Bye        
* ROUND 10 * 14-16 May TV
Broncos vs Knights 16/17 .pm . .
Dragons vs Bulldogs 12/38 .pm . .
Eels vs Storm 16/36 .pm . .
Rabbitohs vs Cowboys 20/20 .pm . .
Sharks vs Roosters 18/38 .pm . .
West Tigers vs Raiders 26/12 .pm . .
Warriors vs Sea Eagles 20/42 .pm . .
Panthers vs Bye     .  
* ROUND 11 * 21-23 May TV
Bulldogs vs West Tigers 26/30 Sat 5.30pm Express Advocate Fox Live
Cowboys vs Panthers 18/22 Sat 7.30pm Dairy Farmers Fox Live
Sea Eagles vs Sharks 28/30 Sun 3.00pm Brookvale Oval Ch9 Delay
Eels vs Dragons 6 /37 Fri 7.30pm Parramatta Stadium Ch9 Delay
W. Rabbitohs vs Warriors 12/26 Sun 2.30pm Aussie Stadium Fox Live
Storm vs Raiders 22/18 Sat 7.30pm Olympic Fox
Broncos vs Bye . .  
Knights vs Bye        
Roosters vs Bye        
* NSW 9   State of Origin 1 - Sydney - 26 May 2004 *  QLD 8 Ch 9
* ROUND 12 * 28 - 30 May
Broncos vs Dragons 24/22 Fri 7.30pm Suncorp Stadium  
Knights vs Storm 18/28 Sat 7.30pm EnergyAustralia Stadium  
Panthers vs Bulldogs 40/29 Sun 3.00pm Penrith Stadium  
Raiders vs Sea Eagles 48/22 Sat 7.30pm Canberra Stadium  
Roosters vs Warriors 58/ 6 Sun 2.30pm Aussia Stadium  
Sharks vs Rabbitohs 38/18 Sat 5.30pm Toyota Park  
West Tigers vs Eels 33/ 6 Sun 3.00pm Leichhardt Oval  
Cowboys vs Bye        
* ROUND 13 * 4-6 June TV
Broncos vs Sharks 22/30 Sun 3.00pm Suncorp Stadium  
Bulldogs vs Roosters 40/12 Fri 7.30pm Telstra Stadium  
Dragons vs Cowboys 14/12 Sat 7.30pm WIN Stadium  
Sea Eagles vs Panthers 20/12 Sun 2.30pm Brookvale Oval  
Knights vs Eels 18/16 Sat 7.30pm EnergyAustralia Stadium  
Storm vs West Tigers 30/24 Sat 5.30pm Olympic Park  
Warriors vs Raiders 20/14 Sun 12 Noon Ericsson Stadium (Syd Time)  
Rabbitohs vs Bye        
* ROUND 14 * 11-13 June TV
Cowboys vs Knights 30/6 Sat 7.30pm Dairy Farmers  
Eels vs Sea Eagles 52/12 Sun 3.00pm Parramatta Stadium  
Panthers vs Dragons   8/28 Fri 7.30pm Penrith Stadium  
Rabbitohs vs Storm 28/26 Sat 7.30pm Aussie Stadium  
Raiders vs Sharks 26/16 Sat 5.30pm Canberra Stadium  
West Tigers vs Warriors 50/4 Sun 2.30pm Jade Stadium  
Broncos vs Bye        
Bulldogs vs Bye        
Roosters vs Bye        
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